Pop Culture

Hi everyone! In an effort to diversify my blog a  bit, I’m tapping into one of my other interests: pop culture. While I generally like to think I have good taste, I do have very bad taste in one TV show: The Bachelor. I became hooked a few seasons ago when I started hate-watching the show, and now I run a full-on Bachelor fantasy league every season with friends. I send the league members weekly point/show recaps and they seem to be a huge hit, so I thought I’d share them with others, too. Since the season just ended, I’ll be posting all of Nick’s season’s recaps at once–sorry! Next season I’ll aim to post weekly.

A few things to note when reading:

  • My league starts calculating points after the first week of the show. This gives us a chance to assess the characters a bit more and draft more strategically.
  • We use the site Fantasy4Reality.com, which calculates points for you. This year, we used the new Beta version of this site (which I do NOT recommend until they work out some kinks, but alas, what’s done is done).
  • I’m commissioner (duh).

With that, enjoy!