Barry’s Bootcamp


Barry’s Bootcamp is, in my opinion, one of the bougiest boutique studios in general. It’s one of the studios known to be frequented by celebrities, rivaled only by SoulCycle, probably. The class (half treadmill intervals, half strength training) sounded scary to me because I NEVER run unless I’m being chased, but as a Z-list fitness blogger, it’s my duty to test any workout regimen that’s loved by both Kim Kardashian AND Jake Gyllenhaal (as long as it’s on Classpass). After booking and cancelling numerous times, I finally mustered up the courage to take Full Body at the Tribeca location.

The Studio

The Tribeca Barry’s studio has a LARGE storefront that, based on its size and relatively isolated location, looks like it may have been a car dealership at one point. On the main level, you’ll find the workout room itself, the check-in area, a couple of benches, a couple of betches (probably), and a juice bar, where you can place your order before class and have your smoothie ready after class (amazing). Downstairs, you’ll find a much smaller space that contains both men’s and women’s locker rooms. I took a 3pm class on a Sunday and found the locker room very cramped, so I can’t even imagine what it’s like during peak class times.

Studio exterior (Image via Tribeca Citizen)

The classroom itself is a semi-clubby atmosphere–dark room, music blasting, red accent lights. All that’s missing is a hot bartender serving overpriced drinks, but as noted, that’s available at the smoothie bar near the check-in area. Treadmills line the perimeter of the room, and on the inside you’ll find those step benches that your Aunt Suzy uses for jazzercise, except here they serve as weight “stations.” You’ll bring over a variety of dumbbells, depending on what’s required for the day’s exercises, as well as a mat for any ab work/chest presses/other exercises done while lying on the bench.

The Instructor

I took class with Kara, who may or may not be a legit model. Her hair remained in perfect curls throughout class, so I’m definitely jeal. Kara, do you teach beauty classes too? Sign me up. She was super friendly and played good music, and had helpful cues throughout class. However, I wish she’d checked in on me at some point during class to see how I was doing as a first-timer. I definitely wasn’t sure of my form at times (HALP) and I’d introduced myself as a new student and novice runner, so some sort of touch-point would have been great.

london-hero2The Class

Classes at Barry’s each have a different muscle group focus, depending on the day:

  • Butt and Legs
  • Chest, Back and Abs
  • Abs
  • Full Body
  • Arms and Abs

I signed up for the Full Body class, figuring it’s a safe bet for a first-timer.

Clients are assigned a number, which they’ll use to find both their treadmill and their weight/floor station. Class alternates between stations twice through. You can also request “double floor” if running isn’t for you; however, this might not always be available based on space in the class.

I started on the treadmill, vowing to give it my best shot. The teacher will guide you through jogging, running, and sprinting, giving you a target speed for each. This is helpful to first timers, and you can definitely go at your own pace. I wanted to pace myself so I started on the low end of the range, even going slightly under for the running and sprinting, but by the second treadmill set, I ran a sprint at 8mph–fast for me, and faster than I thought I’d run in my first class! The floor section of class moved through a variety of exercises including chest presses, flyes, push ups, squats, and lunges. The teacher somehow is able to call out cues for both the treadmill crew AND the floor crew throughout class, which I’m sure takes tons of practice. My only issue was that given everything the teacher has to focus on, she wasn’t really able to focus on individual clients. I understand  this is a group fitness class and not a private, but as noted above,  it would’ve been nice of her to check in on me at either the treadmill OR floor station to see how I’m doing during my first class. Kara didn’t seem to interact with any individual students at all, even clear regulars, so I definitely felt like just a number in a crowd. That said, I’d probably still go back because it was a fun, challenging, fast-paced workout. I did have shin splints for several days, though, so maybe I’ll try double-floor next time.

The Vibe

Pretty even mix of men and women, and a decent variety of ages (aka not only people in their twenties). Most people were jacked and/or beautiful, so maybe make sure you look presentable.

image via Gilt. 

The Damage

Drop-in classes are $34, but the studio is currently running a “Barry’s Buddies” promo where first-timers can get their first class for $25. Not cheap, but not awful for NYC.


All images from Barry’s website unless indicated otherwise.

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