Classpass – The Final Months In Review (Part II)

If you’re an NYC boutique fitness buff, you obviously know by now that Classpass has discontinued its unlimited plan. The decision was announced in November 2016, and while unlimited members were kicked to the 10-class plan, they did give us three months of 20 classes at the 10-class rate. Here’s a look back at my final months of 20 classes – month two. I’ve reviewed most of these studios, so click on the studio names to read more!

Part II: January 10th – February 9th
22 classes (18 Classpass + 4 Other)

Dance Cardio – 7 classes

  • Dancebody (4x) – Duh. It’s no secret that I go here the most. January meant the start of new dances and thus panic set in, so I tried to frontload my classes (the teachers tend to break down dances a bit earlier in the month, but by February, they’re switching the music and keeping the choreography). I also purchased a 5-pack at this studio with some Hanukkah money.
  • Adam Sanford Fitness (1x) – I gave Adam Sanford Fitness a great review a while back, but I actually hadn’t taken the class since my review because it’s hard to get there on time from work. I took Dance Cardio again and it was super hard (this comes from someone who does a ton of dance cardio!). This class was definitely jumpier than other dance cardio classes, and thus harder on my calves. I’ll definitely be back, but I don’t think I’d be a regular here for that reason (plus the difficult class times).
  • The P.E. Club (1x) – The P.E. Club is a cute neighborhood spot in the Upper East Side that offers personal training, as well as a variety of classes. I took Club P.E. Cardio Dance, a fun class where they replace the studio lights with disco balls and teach a short hip-hop combination. It was a fun class and the teacher, Katy, was awesome, but it’s definitely geared towards non-dancers.
  • Body By Simone (1x) – I love dance cardio at Body By Simone, but her studio is soooo far from…anywhere, really.  I made it to a late class with a new instructor who was super boring and lacked any sort of energy, which left me disappointed. BBS can be great, but there’s a ton of variance in instructors. I recommend Beth or Jasmine for the best workout!

Barre – 8 classes

  • Pure Barre (2x) – Always a solid choice for barre. I took class at both Upper East Side studios (2nd and 65th and 88th and Lexington). The former location is less than a year old, so it’s a bit nicer, but the teachers on 88th are great. I just purchased the intro special at the Lexington/Union Square/Columbus Circle locations, so I’ll definitely be back quite a bit in the coming month.
  • Physique 57 (2x) – Physique 57 is definitely my favorite barre studio in the city. I took their Signature class as well as F.I.T.(Focused Interval Training)–basically non-stop arms and seatwork with a couple of  “breaks” for thighs.
  • Barre3  (1x) – I’d taken Barre3 classes in DC and in Portland, where it originated, and I really didn’t like the class; I thought it was too slow-paced and not at all difficult. However, during January, my Instagram feed was inundated with #b3AllIn posts, so I thought I’d give it a shot in NY. I was not disappointed! This studio’s class is much faster-paced than the other barre3 locations, and the teacher confirmed that she often hears the same sentiment from other traveling barre-istas. I look forward to taking this class again.
  • Figure 4 Barre (1x) – Figure 4 is the barre class offered at Pure Yoga, the luxurious yoga chain (owned by Equinox) with locations on the Upper East and Upper West Sides. I made it back here after months and was quickly reminded of how great their barre class is. It’s definitely one of the tough ones in NYC, and they start out with thigh work, which can be good or bad depending on  your perspective!
  • Flex Studios (1x) – I’ve been to Flex a few times and decided to re-visit their Union Square location, which is beautiful. I took FlexBarre, a more cardio-centric approach to barre with lots of big movements but still a focus on legs and glutes. You’ll leave this class sweaty!
  • Exhale (1x) – I took a lunchtime Core Fusion Barre class during a snow day since it’s only a few blocks from my apartment. The class was…fine, not great. This studio’s approach to barre is very traditional and I personally don’t think there’s much of a “wow” factor here. I think they need to find a distinguishing characteristic to make themselves stand out from the competition.

Strength Training – 3 classes

  • Throwback Fitness (1x) – In grade school, P.E. was my personal nightmare, but I put on my big-girl pants and took the class known as the phys-ed approach to fitness. It was pretty fun!
  • The Fhitting Room  (1x) – Easily my favorite strength-training workout in the city. I took class with Daury and Dennys who were fab–I’m consistently impressed by the teachers here.
  • Tone House (1x) – This was the toughest workout of my month/year/life. A friend invited me to check out their new UES digs before opening, so I walked in feeling like a badass and left feeling like a humbled badass. Check out my review; this one was my favorite to write.

Pilates – 3 classes

  • ChaiseFitness (1x) – I finally took Chaise’s signature class, Chaise Reinvention Chair. This class was super hard! I’m usually pretty good at pilates and barre workouts, but I definitely struggled here. It was a good workout, but I left feeling a bit frustrated. I’m sure this feeling will disappear after a few more visits, though!
  • Brooklyn Bodyburn (1x) – After trying BBB’s all-levels class and leaving sore and confused, I thought I’d check out their Back to Basics class. I highly recommend it. The workout is still the same, but the teacher breaks down the positions a bit more. With 11 spots for various body parts on their megaformer, this was more than welcome. I was obviously still sore the next day!
  • SLT (1x) – SLT, New York’s main megaformer studio, offered free classes to new students at its Upper West Side location to celebrate the studio’s birthday week (thanks Fit For Free NYC for the heads up!) This class was a bit more dance-like than Brooklyn Body Burn (my only other megaformer class) and was 45 minutes instead of an hour, which was perfect. I definitely want to go back, but at $40/class I’ll wait until they’re having a sale!

Rowing – 1 class

  • Current (1x) – The new-ish “row-to-the-beat” rowing studio in Tribeca was kind enough to offer me a free first class. It was a lot of fun, but definitely not the toughest workout of the month.

Overall, this was a busy month, especially considering that I took a 5-day trip to St. Martin (worth the missed workouts). Stay tuned for my last installment of this, as well as my plans for what to do in a post-unlimited-classpass world!

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