Classpass – The Final Months In Review (Part I)

If you’re an NYC boutique fitness buff, you obviously know by now that Classpass has discontinued its unlimited plan. The decision was announced in November 2016, and while unlimited members were kicked to the 10-class plan, they did give us three months of 20 classes at the 10-class rate. I’m just now entering my third and final month of 20 classes (sob!). Here’s a look back at my final months of 20 classes. I’ve reviewed most of these studios, so click on the studio names to read more!

Part I: December 10th – Jan 9th
23 classes (base + 10 class bonus + add-on 3 pack)

  • DanceBody (3x) – I’ve said multiple times that DanceBody is my favorite dance cardio in the city. They are very choreography-heavy and introduce new dances every two months, so I always use up all three classes in order to learn the choreography.
  • Physique 57 (3x) – My favorite barre class in the city. I took both their signature level class and their F.I.T. class, which focuses on arms and seat work without any rest breaks during class (it’s tough!).
  • The Fhitting Room (2x) – It’s nearly impossible to snag a spot at The Fhitting Room. Classes are gone right as the clock strikes 12, and I haven’t even attempted to book at their Flatiron location. When you take the class, you’ll see why it fills up: It’s a killer workout and tons of fun.
  • Pure Barre (2x) – While Pure Barre isn’t the most innovative approach to barre fitness, it’s consistently a tough class and you always know what you’re in for. They also have tons of locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, which is a plus. This month, I took class at their Union Square and Columbus Circle locations.
  • Xtend Barre (2x) – Xtend definitely has the most ballet-like approach to barre compared to other studios– think tendus, releves, plies, and Misty Copeland teaching your class (jk, unfortunately). The studio is located in Brooklyn Heights, so it’s a bit of a hike unless you live or work in that area, but it’s worth checking out. They just introduced a new TRX/barre hybrid class that I’m dying to try.
  • Mitchell Wayne Productions (1x) – Mitchell’s class isn’t so much of a workout as it is learning choreography to a girly pop song, but it’s lots of fun. In this class, I learned the choreography to “Oops I Did It Again” by Britney, which I’ve since been demonstrating at parties (I’ve since been kicked out of a lot of parties).
  • The P.E. Club (1x) –  The P.E. Club is a small neighborhood spot in the Upper East Side. In addition to personal training, they offer intimate group classes ranging from bootcamp to TRX to barre. I took TRX Barre Sculpt,  which was a cool hybrid approach to barre and TRX.
  • Sport & Health Lakeforest (1x) – Holiday season means returning home and visiting my old gym in the ‘burbs. They had never heard of Classpass but let me in once I showed them my “gym time” reservation. Since I booked at an off-peak time, I invited an old dance team friend to join me in the empty  group fitness space for a DanceBody at Home streaming workout. She loved it!
  • Swerve Fitness (1x) – Cool team-based approach to spinning.
  • Pop Physique (1x) – Another dance-like approach to barre and a good active recovery option.
  • Brooklyn Bodyburn  (1x) – My first megaformer class ever. This was TOUGH (harder than SLT in my opinion). If you’re looking for a killer workout, it’s worth the trek to Brooklyn.
  • Laughing Lotus (1x) – Finally went to check out Laughing Lotus, as I’m still searching for my perfect NYC yoga studio. I took the SWEATx class–only 45 minutes, so perfect for a double-workout day. This class offers more playful approach to yoga–think nontraditional, fast-moving flows. Not the best for beginners, but lots of fun if you’re familiar with yoga poses.
  • Peloton (1x) – Participated in a “theme ride” (ladies night!!!) at Peloton’s flagship studio. This is available for home streaming if you’re rich and have a Peloton bike. Catch me flailing in the background and making you look better by comparison (you’re welcome).
  • Exceed Physical Culture (1x) – This is a no-frills approach to group circuit/weight training. I didn’t love my experience here, but I think a major factor was the fact that I took class on a Friday night when I would’ve preferred chilling on my couch watching Jeopardy or Seinfeld. Oh well .#healthychoices
  • Yoga Vida (1x) – Mid-day weekend flow class with Will. Yoga Vida offers great all-levels classes with a few advanced options for more advanced yogis.
  • Flybarre (1x) – One of the more athletic barre classes in the city; I’ve been going to Flybarre since I lived in DC. Review coming soon!



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