Body Conceptions by Mahri


Body Conceptions, or “BoCo,” as the kids call it, is another one of the many dance cardio / sculpting classes in the NYC market. It’s founded by Mahri Relin, who has an impressive background as a trainer for Tracy Anderson and the creative director for Flybarre. She combined her experiences from these two roles and created her own signature workout that pairs dance cardio with the more athletic, barre-like toning sections.  I tried their signature offering (BoCo Classic) in the fall and honestly wasn’t too thrilled with the experience. However, when I saw Mahri was in town to host a master class, I decided to give it another shot.

The Studio

BoCo Classic, like many other dance cardio classes (FitBallet, DanceBody, etc.), is held in an open dance studio space rather than a formal fitness studio. Class was held in Adelante Studios near Herald Square. This space is very no-frills–no lockers, showers, or towels–so don’t come in expecting a spa-like atmosphere. Also, while Classpass says that BoCo is held on floors 2 and 3, floor 2 is a weird costume studio complete with a grumpy man who is probably sick of lost BoCo students. Save yourself the trouble and head to the third floor.

 The Instructor

I’ve taken class here with two instructors: Mahri and Julia. Both were super friendly and introduced themselves to students individually before class. Mahri is a huge ball of energy and pumped up the students throughout the cardio and toning section of class.  Julia made adjustments throughout the toning section of class, but truthfully, I didn’t find her as energetic or charismatic as some of the other fitness instructors in the city.

The Workout

BoCo Classic has a similar structure to Happy Hour at AKTInMotion or Full Body at Body By Simone–class alternated between dance cardio sections and toning sections. The dance cardio sections were fun and easy to pick up; they were much less choreography-focused than the two aforementioned studios. The toning sections were similar to those in a barre class: light weights and high reps for arms and a lot of focus on glute work (I definitely could see Mahri’s Flybarre background in these exercises). The group’s energy was infectious–you’ll definitely leave this class in a good mood!

That said, I take a lot of dance cardio and toning classes across this city, and this one wasn’t as difficult as some of its competitors’ classes (Adam Sanford, AKTInMotion, etc.). I did still get a solid sweat from the cardio, though, and the glute work definitely burned after a while! Come expecting glute work and a super fun workout, but if you’re trying to get your ass kicked and leave absolutely exhausted, this might not be the best fit.

gallery_13“You talkin’ to me?”

The Vibe

Mahri’s master class drew a crowd of regulars which was really awesome to see–she knew most of the students by name, the students seemed to know each other, and everyone was super friendly. There is definitely a strong community within Body Conceptions, and I think this is one of their biggest strengths. No snootiness here!
Re: what to wear, clients wore a mix of fancy and regular workout clothes, but it wasn’t a cutting-edge athleisure fashion show, so save your ironic “pizza” crop tops for elsewhere.


I’m digging the instructors’ college hip-hop dance team-inspired photoshoot.

The Damage

First class is $20; drop-ins are $32 and prices go down if you buy a package.

[image source]

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