SweatStyle Review: Winter 2016

SweatStyle is a clothing subscription service, much like Stitchfix, but it’s unique in that it focuses on athletic attire exclusively. New users fill out a profile about their typical workouts, style preferences, and clothing sizes. From there, you’ll receive a box with five items every three months–keep what you want, and send back what you don’t. You pay $20 “sweat fee” up front to cover the styling fee, shipping, etc., but the fee gets applied to any item you keep (thus encouraging you to keep at least one item per box).

I previously reviewed SweatStyle back in Fall 2016 and concluded that it’s not for me because if I’m buying expensive workout gear, I want to select it for myself. However, SweatStyle missed the memo about my account cancellation, and in late December, I received an email notifying me that my next box was on its way!  Fortunately, the company’s customer service department was quick to apologize and offer to refund my initial $20 fee if I didn’t keep anything. Despite all of the miscommunication, this gave me another opportunity to review SweatStyle’s offerings, so here we are!

Inside the box…



Reebok Strappy Tank – $28

This top was clearly the most affordable item in the box at $28. It’s a loose top that would look cool with a funky bra under it. However, I felt that it hung a bit too low in the front, and it was a bit long on me. I was also a bit annoyed because when drafting this post, I saw that the top sells for $19.99 online rather than $28. This again goes back to one of my initial issues with SweatStyle, which was that their items are sold in regular stores and they don’t offer a discount on them–what’s preventing me from shopping online or in-person instead? The higher pricepoint actually incentivizes me to shop in-person rather than using SweatStyle. Verdit: Return.

Peony Muscle Tee – Dark Grey Heather – $80

This cute open-back tank is perfect for barre class and online it says that is was inspired for lounging and brunch, so I can get behind that. However, $80 is wayyy too steep for a basic tank in my book. Verdict: Return.

Onzie Fierce Legging – Stripe Combo – $74


I love Onzie pants – they have cute designs and are relatively affordable in the grand scheme of high-end yoga pants. I’m also a big fan of mesh insets–I have a pair of their track leggings which are super cute and flattering. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too wild about this design – I’m not a huge fan of striped pants (I think K.Deer pants look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, sorrynotsorry). I’ve also learned that it’s pretty easy to find a discount on Onzie pants – I have some from TJ Maxx that were only $25, and they’re easy to find on sale online, too. Thus, Verdict: Return.

Nux Along the Lines Bra – Charcoal – $67

I really liked this bra. The pattern was cute but not overwhelming, the straps were funky (in a good way!), and it fit better than the Nux bra in my last shipment (kudos to SweatStyle for taking my feedback). However, I have pretty big boobs and this wasn’t very supportive, especially for my dance cardio classes. If I’m going to spend over $50 on a sports bra, I want it to wear it for both appearance and function. Verdict: Return.

Noli Yoga Coral Legging – $75


I kept a pair of Noli leggings from my last SweatStyle shipment and I’m a big fan of them (great fit, great quality, reasonable price). If I had to keep something from this shipment, it definitely would’ve been these pants; I actually like this pattern more than the pair in my last shipment. However, I received this SweatStyle shipment as an accident and I’ve already spent a ton on workout gear this season, so Verdict: Return.

In Conclusion…

I went over some pros and cons of this service in my last review, but after my second shipment, I’ve come up with a few more.


  • Customer service – While SweatStyle did screw up and sent me a shipment after I cancelled my account, they were quick to apologize and offer a refund if I chose not to keep anything. This was appreciated on my end.
  • Taking feedback – After noting that the items were a bit pricy for me in my last shipment, they sent a couple of lower-priced items, which was appreciated.


  • Same styles are less expensive in-store – Perhaps SweatStyle sent me some end-of-season clothes that were about to go on sale, but it was still frustrating to look online and see the same pants and tops for $20 less. I guess the “premium” pays for SweatStyle’s personalization of each shipment, but as someone who’s a bit more price-sensitive, I wasn’t too happy with this.

I didn’t end up keeping anything from this box, but that’s not because I didn’t like the items! I’d just already spent a lot this season on athletic wear. As I’d noted in my previous review of SweatStyle, I don’t think I’m their ideal customer, as I don’t have  the income to drop an extra $300 per season on workout clothes and when I do splurge, I want to pick things for myself. That said, if you have money to spend on new workout clothes and love surprises, this is a great service!

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