Mitchell Wayne Productions

Like most fans, I appreciate and love Britney Spears for her dancing and performing abilities rather than her vocals. Fortunately, I live in a city full of dancers and many like-minded folks. Mitchell Wayne capitalized on this and started his own dance company where he teaches a weekly Britney-themed dance class , among other classes. When I saw “Oops..I Did It Again” on the schedule, I knew I had to take this choreography out of my room and onto the dance floor.


The Studio

Mitchell Wayne Productions holds their evening classes in Chelsea Studios. Multiple other classes take place on this floor at the same time, so be sure to check in with the right class, otherwise you’ll end up dancing to “Work” by Rihanna with Broadway Bodies instead (not that this happened to me on my first visit or anything; seriously, who would make that mistake!?).

The Instructors

Mitchell Wayne Productions is led by Mitchell Wayne (duh) and his co-teacher, Annette (idk her last name, sorry!). They are both wonderful. Mitchell teaches Britney classes and he’s so fun. He knows all about the original choreographers and choreography so I can nerd out about the differences between Tina Landon’s and Wade Robson’s moves. But most importantly, he’s a great instructor: he breaks down the footwork and the armwork, moves at a good pace, and is super encouraging and energetic. Even if you mess up some moves, you’ll leave his class in a good mood.


The Workout

First of all, this is not so much a workout as it is a choreography class, so if you’re looking for sore muscles or a major calorie burn, this isn’t your place. But if you want to learn a fun dance routine and channel peak early 2000’s Britney, this is your place.

Because I’m a huge nerd, I’d already looked up this choreography long before signing up for this class. Tina Landon, the choreographer, posted a not-very-helpful tutorial where she teaches the entire chorus in about 60 seconds (see video below). “Ready to move on? We are!” she says, kind of condescendingly. Thankfully, Mitchell stepped in to save the day.

As noted above, Mitchell did an awesome job of breaking down the steps for us, even though, as Britney fans, most of us had a general idea of where we were going. My soft-knowledge of the choreography was actually a disadvantage here – since I’d always mirrored the choreography, I had to re-learn the spinny arms in a different direction 😦 . Woe is me.


note to self: don’t learn this backwards!

One note about Mitchell’s classes is that he almost always records the group doing the final dance and posts it on Instagram–for the camera shy, be forewarned. That said, it’s a super low-key, positive energy class. Mitchell will make sure you get the steps down, but also encourages you to just keep going if you screw up (because nobody will really notice!).


The Damage

Classes are $20, but the studio is also on Classpass and FitReserve.


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