The Fhitting Room

If you read my blog (or even just browse my reviews), it’s very clear that I typically stay within my comfort zone of barre and dance cardio. However, with the creation of this blog and corresponding instagram (@nycity_fit – follow me!), and Classpass maxing out at 10 classes per month in the near future, I figured there’s no time like the present to try different kinds of studios. This led me to The Fhitting Room, boutique fitness’s approach to strength training and HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes. Last week, I headed to class, unsure if I’d really enjoy it (I was a big fan of the Insanity workouts back in college) or if I’d fhit it and quit it.

The Studio

The Fhitting Room has two locations: one in Flatiron and one in the Upper East Side (and one coming soon to the Upper West Side!). I visited the Upper East Side studio, which is located in my favorite UES building that houses four different fitness studios. Seriously, if I could dig a little hole in the stairwell and create a room for myself to sleep in, I’d live in this building.

Your 4-in-1 fitness stop can be found on 67th street.

The Fhitting room is located on the fhifth fhloor of the building (I’ll stop), and upon entering, you’ll be overwhelmed with green decor and accents that match their logo: green towels, green coat racks, even green soap in the bathroom. The studio offers lockers with locks, but sadly no showers at this location.

front desk – all green errything.

The workout room itself is a large open space complete with an awesome kettlebell illustration on the wall. The studio utilizes lots of different equipment including TRX straps, kettlebells, rowers, bosu balls, and free weights…and that’s just in the one class I took! It’s an awesome space.

 The Instructors

The Fhitting Room’s classes are taught by two instructors who demonstrate the exercises and walk around the room to check on form and to push students to reach their max.My class was co-taught by Simon and Mat, who were both energetic and encouraging and didn’t make fun of me for not knowing how to use a rowing machine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. As the clock ran out after each exercise, they’d count down “three, two, and one!” in unison, which reminded me of the teams on Shark Tank who announce their business titles and taglines in unison (this may have less to do with the instructors and more to do with me watching too much Shark Tank). I’d definitely come to their class again!

The Workout

Per The Fhitting Room’s website, “Signature FHIX (Functional High Intensity Mix) integrates five essential building blocks to deliver optimal results: functional movements, strength training, high intensity intervals, total body focus and highly varied exercises.” 

After a brief warm-up, students paired up to move through the first strength set: two sets each with the TRX straps (working into hamstrings and triceps), and two sets each of kettlebell moves (sit-ups with kettlebells and a move that I’ll refer to as “bend and snap” because I don’t know kettlebell terminology but I do know Legally Blonde references). From there, we moved into teams of four to rotate through a circuit of four exercises, four times each: planks using the TRX straps, rowing, another kettlebell move that I’ll call “bells in mah face,” and squat/plank jumps on a bosu ball. Class ended with our FHIX, where we moved nonstop through three exercises (burpees, shoulder presses and deadlifts) nonstop for 3 minutes, then 2 minutes, then 1 minute, with a 30 second break between each. From there, the instructors led us through a stretch and sent us on our way.


This class was a really cool approach to strength training and almost felt like a personal training session but with more support and team camaraderie. Further, the instructors pause to explain the moves before each class segment, so you can really give 110% for each circuit/portion of class because you know you’ll have a minute to catch your breath. I came in expecting to be completely out of my comfort zone, and I left as a born-again fan of circuit training and ready to schedule my next FHIX.

The Vibe

Coming from mostly barre/dance classes, I was pleased to find that the crowd here was a little less intimidating and snooty. The class contained a mix of guys and girls (though most seemed to be in their twenties) and students were friendly but not cliquey. Great vibes all around.

The Damage

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you AKTInMotion is the most expensive class I’ve seen in the city? I was wrong. Single classes here are $38 (though they do offer a 2-for-1 intro special) and class packs bring this rate down a bit, but a monthly membership here will run you $595 (!!!). I guess their Upper East Side location is appropriate for this price range, at least? Fortunately, this studio is on Classpass (though it fills up fast!), so I’ll be able to get my fhix in the future without selling my soul and/or apartment.


[featured image via Yelp]


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