SweatStyle Review: Fall 2016

SweatStyle is a clothing subscription service, much like Stitchfix, but it’s unique in that it focuses on athletic attire exclusively. New users fill out a profile about their typical workouts, style preferences, and clothing sizes. From there, you’ll receive a box with five items every three months–keep what you want, and send back what you don’t. You pay $20 “sweat fee” up front to cover the styling fee, shipping, etc., but the fee gets applied to any item you keep (thus encouraging you to keep at least one item per box).

The Damage

Per the Sweatstyle website: Tops range from $35 to $125, bottoms from $55 to $140, sports bras from $35 to $100 and outerwear from $50 to $250. Bonus perk: if you spend $250 or more, you receive 20% off your entire purchase.

My Experience

I signed up for SweatStyle on a whim and had lots of fun filling out my survey and wondering what they’ll send me. However, I was disappointed to find out that I wouldn’t receive a shipment for three weeks due to high demand! By the time I finally received my shipment, I’d forgotten that I’d ordered it (that said, I shop online a lot. Too much. It’s a problem and I’m working on it).


Inside the box…



Noli Yoga Concrete Jungle Legging – $75
noli_788_grandeimage from Noli Yoga

This was one of my favorite items in the shipment. Totally my style (I’m a sucker for crazy pants), great, stretchy material, and perfect fit. The price was a bit high for a legging I’m not in LOVE with, but this was the best fit and most practical item to keep out of my shipment. Verdict: Keep.

Free People Turnout Legging – $88 
turnout-leggingsimage from Free People

These new lace-up leggings are supposedly all the rage in the barre world right now, but I’ve yet to see anyone wear them in my classes. These are a bit more “fashion-forward” than I’m ready for; truthfully, I couldn’t even figure out how to lace them up. The price was also too high for something this impractical, in my opinion. Verdict: Return. 


Free People Intuition Legging – $68
free-people-leggingsimage from Free People

Two Free People leggings in one shipment? For a company that touts that it works with all the hottest brands, it doesn’t seem like there’s much variety. These ones were very much more my style than the Turnout Leggings – I love a good colorblock. That said, the colors were a bit too pale for my taste–I thought the white and light pink made my legs look big, and I could totally see the white part of the pants getting super dirty (some of those studio floors are nasty!) Verdict: Return. 

Modern Yogi Bottom Crop – Titanium – $89

modern-yogiimage from Modern Yogi’s Instagram account (@mordernyogiclothing) 

These pants were absolutely my favorite item in the shipment. The material was perfect for a sweaty workout, the mesh was subtle yet stylish, and the colors were practical and great for winter. I didn’t even mind the $89 price tag…except for the fact that the mesh part of the pants goes all the way to the top, exposing any underwear you’re wearing. I tried this on with nude underwear and thongs too, and it still showed. What’s the point in wearing a cool cutout if you have to go commando during a workout (gross) or cover the underwear lines / cool design with a shirt? Given this, I couldn’t justify keeping these. Verdict: (Sadly) Return. 

Nux Strappy Bra – Mary Magenta – $45


This bra was a fun color and the straps in the back were cute, but I have a fuller chest and need something more supportive for my dance cardio classes. Verdict: Return. 

in conclusion…

Pros of SweatStyle:

  • Brands – SweatStyle has something for everyone. For the brand conscious, you’ll find well-known names such as Free People, Zara Terez, and Vimmia. For people like me who enjoy discovering new designers, there’s plenty of that, too (I’ve definitely contemplated a few additional purchases from Noli and Modern Yogi as a result of my subscription).
  • Personalized clothes – SweatStyle caters to your size, your workouts, and your overall clothing style.
  • Trendy – As noted above, this shipment encouraged me to try on new styles that are a bit out of my comfort zone. While it didn’t quite work this time for me, it’s nice that they’ll select something I wouldn’t necessarily choose for myself.
  • Customer service – I emailed the company a couple of times (regarding an extra charge as well as another general question) and their team was professional, friendly, and prompt.

Cons of SweatStyle:

  • Price – The obvious kicker. As you can see above, items are fairly pricey. I specifically requested items under $100 in my box, and I still thought most of them were overpriced. Also, if I’m part of a subscription service, I’d hope that the clothes would either be 1. brands unique to the subscription service, or 2. popular brands at a slightly discounted price. These prices were the same as those I’d found online.
  • Not the most personalized – In creating my profile, I only had the option to specify if I like “prints” generally. This very much depends on the print! Similarly, subscribers must select if they like “neutrals” and “colors”–doesn’t everyone?
  • Three week lag time – Once you join SweatStyle, you have to wait at least three weeks for your delivery. That’s a long time–standard shipping is faster than that!

The Verdict

I decided not to continue my SweatStyle subscription for three main reasons: 1. I can’t really afford to spend upwards of $250 on fitness clothes per season. 2. I can find the same brands at better prices by shopping sale selections and discount retailers. 3. If I’m spending $100 on fitness gear, I usually want more than one item! But, if you have the money to spend and enjoy surprises in the mail, this service is definitely for you! I’m glad I tried this out, and I’d definitely be back if I had the option financially!


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