Y7 Studio: Hip-Hop Inspired Vinyasa

I used to be really into yoga a few years ago. I took tons of classes and even picked up a number of arm balances (and in turn, sweet facebook profile pictures). However, I ultimately strayed from yoga when I discovered barre because it was a more athletic activity–I went to class for the sweat, not the zen. That said, I’m still always interested in finding a good power yoga workout.

I discovered Y7 Studio on classpass and noticed that classes are usually full, which means the studio is doing something right. They have five locations in the NYC area–Williamsburg (the original), Flatiron, Union Square, Soho, and the brand-new Upper East Side studio. I signed up for Hip Hop Inspired Vinyasa at the Union Square Location.


The studio is on the third floor of a walk-up building (gotta love NYC), and once I arrived I was greeted by friendly staff, including the teacher, Rachel. The studio offers mat and towel rentals and bottled water, but be forewarned that they are card only (no cash). The studio also has shirts and snapback hats available with various traditional yogi phrases such as “namastizzle” and “namast’ay fly.” I’m sure Bikram Choudhury couldn’t be prouder.

The class is held in a dark room lit only by a few candles. Newbies, this class is listed as heated but in my personal opinion, 80-90 degrees is HOT. You will sweat! Dress accordingly!



The flow is different from your standard yoga class. The teacher calls out moves in a series, rather than demonstrating. The class runs through the set a couple of times, then turns the music up and lets the students run through the sequence without instruction.
The sequences were a bit complicated and I had some trouble remembering the next moves, but overall it was a cool concept. That said, I wouldn’t recommend the class to yoga newbies or those who don’t know the names of poses.

Since it was hip-hop Sunday, we flowed to one hip-hop artist of the instructor’s choosing; in this case, the instructor chose M.I.A., who might not be hip-hop but is definitely awesome.

This class is definitely more of an athletic approach to yoga than you’d usually find–with the music blaring and the heat blasting, it was difficult to relax during class. But, if you’re looking for a good sweat and some good music, definitely try it out.

My only qualm with the studio is that there are no showers, meaning that I could never take this class in the morning before work (jk, I wouldn’t do that anyway because I hate morning workouts).


Drop-in classes are $25 each, but the studio offers numerous class packages and unlimited contracts that bring the price down. Additionally, they offer new students either $45 for two weeks unlimited or $99 for a month unlimited–both pretty good deals for NYC!

[images from Y7’s Facebook page] [image source]

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