305 Fitness

A philosopher named Ludacris once said, “I want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed.” If your standard Zumba class is a lady in the streets, then 305 Fitness is the freak in the bed. This class is basically Zumba on crack – cardio moves with lots of booty-shaking and twerking thrown in. At the studio with the signature phrase “make sweat sexy,” clients let loose, dance it out, and get their cardio fix with moves that they’d probably never do in front of their parents or boss.

Full disclosure – I tried out 305 Fitness when it first came to the DC area. This was before I fell in love with dance cardio, and my workouts at the time consisted mainly of power yoga and elliptical sessions. Between the loud, in-your-face teacher, a room in Balance Gym with a live DJ, and little experience with high impact cardio, I wasn’t a fan. However, I wanted to give it another shot now that I’ve become a full-fledged Dance Cardio Kween. I signed up for Well+Good’s Fitness Biathalon in NYC, and after my barre class at Exhale, I couldn’t wait to get to werk.


Our class was held in 305’s brand-new midtown studio in Murray Hill, right off of the 33rd street 6 train stop. There’s no sign out front yet, but the decor inside makes up for it. Upstairs you’ll check in and then head past a large mural of a female face to head downstairs. In the basement, you’ll find lockers, fully-stocked locker rooms, and several dance studios. The decor is bright, loud, and fun—just like 305’s workout.

fully stocked locker rooms + extra lockers downstairs.


I took class with Latoya, who is a huge ball of energy. Throughout class, she worked her way around the room demonstrating the moves and cheering on the class. She was able to simultaneously push everyone to work their hardest but also make everyone feel welcome, which is a skill that not a ton of instructors have.


The workout itself was in a room with crazy overhead lights and a live DJ in the back, which is one of the studio’s claims to fame. We jumped right into the dance cardio without a warm-up, which was exciting but a bit questionable—is this standard practice? As part of the Well + Good Biathalon, we’d taken a class beforehand, so perhaps the instructor assumed we’d warmed up, but hopefully this isn’t their standard practice.

Aside from the warm-up snafu, the cardio was lots of fun and easy to pick up. Never once did I feel like I had to think too hard about the moves, and clients have so much fun in the dance party/nightclub-esque environment that you forget you’re even working out!

About halfway through class, we slowed things down and moved through a brief toning section that consisted of planks, squats, and some push-ups. From there, we moved into a more plyometric-style section of cardio (think high knees, burpees, etc.—I felt like I was doing Insanity), and wrapped up class with a final five minutes of dance-y cardio and a brief stretch.



Single classes are $32, and new clients can get two classes for the price of one. Sadly, this studio is not on Classpass 😦

[image source] [image source]

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