Adam Sanford Fitness – Sweat

Adam Sanford Fitness is one of the best-kept dance cardio secrets of NYC; I almost don’t want to share my secret in fear of his classes filling up. His weeknight classes are hard for me to attend (6pm on the opposite side of the city) but fortunately I had the pleasure of booking it to his Tuesday night “Sweat” dance cardio class.

The Studio

Like several other classes I’ve taken in the city, Adam Sanford does not have his own studio space; rather, he holds the class in open dance studio spaces. When you sign up, you are told one of two locations where the class will be held, and you are emailed the studio location and floor in advance of the class. Both locations are pretty close to each other, so you won’t find yourself scrambling around the city unexpectedly.

The Instructor

The studio space we used was small and no-frills, but this workout packed a punch. Adam wasted no time getting into the swing of things–he’s super peppy and you can’t not have fun when he’s cheering you on in class. We moved through a few short choreography series, all of which were fairly repetitive and added onto each other. Adam calls out some of the steps to jog your memory in case you forget, and with our small class, he also yelled out individual students’ names to cheer them on and encourage them. His overall vibe was positive, energetic, and supportive.


ab goals. 

The Workout

We did about 30 minutes of cardio and then took a quick break to work our arms using resistance bands that he brought to class. From there, we repeated our cardio series, moved through a standing set of leg exercises, and finished class by repeating all of the choreography we learned one more time. The moves were accessible to non-dancers and definitely a great workout–a mix of grapevines, high knees, jumping jacks, and more. The workout was as tough as Body By Simone, but with a much smaller class size and less pretension. The only downside was that the class had no abs series–not sure if this is typical for his class or if we ran out of time.

The Vibe

I’d definitely recommend this class to those who enjoy dance cardio and want a great workout, but find some of the big-name studios a bit intimidating. Adam made every student in class feel welcome but also thoroughly kicked their asses. I’ll definitely be back!

The Damage

Drop-in classes are $27 each, but buying in bulk brings the cost down. According to his website, the first class is free, so you really have no excuse not to try it out!

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